宝鸡市云点软件有限公司是一家致力于提供简单高效的企业应用解决方案的软件公司,努力做到专一化,精细化的IT企业,布局未来,把握现在。 主要业务包括:云点财务软件、云点教育平台、企业网站、行业软件定制开发等。


Based on our specialization and delicacy management, Baoji YD Software CO., Ltd is a professional company provides simple and efficient enterprise solutions with a slogan “Seize the moment, shape the future”. Our business includes: customized development for Yundian Financial Software, Yundian Education Platform, enterprise website and professional software, etc.


For better client service and innovative and qualified solution, YD Software have designed a clear, visible, sustainable R&D process involving market analysis, product orientation, system design, program development and performance optimization, etc. Adhering to the high-quality mobile internet solution as our faith, each above process is completed with our whole dedication and passion. We, Yundian Softeare, can provide you with customized solution and professional R&Dprocess to meet your expectation as narrowing the distance between you and your customer, creating an immersive brand experience, accelerating innovation and efficiency and reducing costs.